Susan Alexander & Gisele Noel launched The Denial Show in April of 2010 for a quick laugh at pop culture every week. They have been producing 2 original episodes on Tuesday ever since and occasionally feature a special guest comedian.  The short-form stand-up web series was transformed into a game show that was well received & is currently in the process of being retooled into a tv-friendly series format because there's no better place to be than in denial.



Lethal Weapons

By Paul M. Davis SF Weekly

At first glance, "The Denial Show: Live Comedy Game Show" resembles a reality game show adapted for the live stage, but there’s far more going on here. A mashup of comedy death matches and snarky celeb-gossip smackdowns, presented in the charmingly antiquated game show format, "The Denial Show" suggests the offspring of a threesome among Last Comic Standing, TMZ, and The Price Is Right. A project founded and hosted by comedians Susan Alexander and Gisele Noel, "The Denial Show" features emerging comedians competing to skewer the members of the celebrity news cycle who are in the worst states of denial. The comics who can offer the best (read: harshest) denials walk away with fantastic prizes, as do selected members of the audience. The event is an extension of Alexander and Noel’s "Denial Show" Web series, in which the duo lambastes the juicy self-delusion of the celebrity figures of the day. This live version ramps things up a bit, comprising two shows and two separate panels over the course of one night. The lineup is a who’s who of insurgent Bay Area alt-comedy, including Tony Sparks, Jessimae Peluso, Chris Thayer, Chantal Carrere, Kristee Ono, Greg Edwards, and H. Alan Scott. With a panel like that, those self-deluded celebs don't stand a chance.


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